AI Spawning System

Okay so I have been looking around and cannot find how to spawn AI in waves. I need it to check how many AI have spawned and if all if them are dead, than run through another spawning system. So a system like COD zombies for reference. And i need to know how to spawn them randomly across the map.

I’ll share what I did.
I create an int variable in the game mode BP. When and pawn spawns, I cast to the game mode and add 1 to the int variable. When the pawn dies, it subtracts from it.

I use tick to check if there are any more pawns, and do stuff if there aren’t.

Can you show me the blueprint so I know how to detect when the pawn dies? And how do you make the Pawns spawn?

Bump for responses.

A spawner I set it…same logic…You could even have a Master Spawner that talks to the Child Spawners to state where to spawn enemies around your level…

I think there’s one in the ‘Tower Defense’ Example Map on the marketplace. The enemies definitely spawn in waves.