AI_Spawn NavMesh Dynamically

I have an endless runner game which spawns Enemies on the track as it goes. I have bumped into two main issues I have been roaming around the forums and haven’t had luck.

1-The Navmesh does not build navigation in the spawned tiles.
2-Cannot find a way to make navmesh increase size in runtime.

I have seen on how to set a nav mech as dynamic, but can’t find nothing regarding how to make it bigger in runtime and constantly update it( I know the console command RebuildNavigation exists, but if anyone can give me some advices on how to set this up).

Lastly, would this work on mobile?

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: I managed to make the Navigation mesh works with the spawned platforms by going to Project Settings-NavigationMesh-Runtime Generation -Dynamic.

Now to find how to increase it in runtime…

And I found the answer :D.

You update the location of the navmesh following this :

from this question:

Hope this helps someone that bumped against the same issue :smiley:

hey man how is your project?
i’m building something similar to this for my college project and i’m confused to whom should i attach this blueprint script with? and secondly as far as mine infinite is concern its totally on runtime i.e the area is generated run time how should i attach the area to it navmesh volume box? I hope to hear from your side soon as i really dont have much time for my project submission!