Ai Spawn Blueprint only works in one level? [RESOLVED]

I currently have a blueprint to spawn AI bots. It works almost perfectly but when I try to use it in a new level it does not work and debugging is not helping as the blueprint shows that it is running fine.

heres the blueprint not much to it

the function is fired from event begin play.

As I said it works fine but only in the level that loads when I first open the project all other levels it does not.

Well I feel silly although I don’t know exactly why as I can only figure its a checksum in the engine code but the AI would not spawn BECAUSE… wait for it… there was no NavMesh/NavMeshVolume in the new level.

Anyways not sure if this was the desired effect but if you have problems spawning a AI this could be why :slight_smile:

I have the same issue,I am trying to figure out the solution,nav mesh is working properly.Please someone give me the solution.