AI spawn at certain areas

Hi all.

I have in my project a form of conquest AI. In my game mode I bind the bots to a respawn logic using “bind on event destroy.” However I can’t get them to respawn at their teams base locations, due to the fact that they are always changing. Is there any method I can use to get, for instance, Red Team to spawn at Random Red Base locations only.

Create some volume “box trigger” place and scale in area where you want to respawn team, call node GetScaledBoxExtend and use this value for determining spawn or teleportation area. You can pass this value directly in bots BP.
I hope you get the idea.

Thanks Galohard! Now I have something working. I configured mine a little bit differently, but you pointed me in the right direction.

I have a problem though. The AI doesn’t spawn at one base or the other, instead when one bot dies four more are spawned into the world due to there being four red bases and the numbers in the battle quickly escalate. Is there any way to set a fixed number of bots so that if the AI present in the world equal “35” no more will spawn?

I’m sorry, I asked my second question prematurely. I’ve been able to successfully limit the spawning of bots using the following blueprint.

Is there a better way that you know of to achieve a similar function or is this alright?