AI smart link: OnSmartLinkReached event not working

I don’t know why the answer forums don’t have a section specifically for AI, but I guess I’ll just post my question here:

I’m having this issue with using the smart link in the nav link proxy. I have it so the agent opens a door once it reaches the start of the smart link using the OnSmartLinkReached event. This works fine when the agent enters the room. But When the agent tries to exit the room, it reaches the smart link, but the OnSmartLinkReached event does not fire. After the agent gets blocked by the closed door for a couple of seconds, it then walks back to that start of the smark link and then it finally triggers OnSmartLinkReached event and opens the door. Here is a video for better understanding:

It’s because you’re using both smart links and simple links. The AI agent will choose between the simple link and the smart link. If the agent chooses the simple link, then the OnSmartLinkReached event will not trigger. To resolve this, simply remove the simple link from the nav link proxy.

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