AI Sight Perception Problem in 4.24.1


I upgraded my engine and project from 4.21.2 to 4.24.1 and AI sight perception is no longer working. It was working before the upgrade.

I’ve gone through and checked that the AIPerception and AIPerceptionStimuliSource components are setup correctly and that everything is showing up in the in-game AI debug mode. Everything is setup and displaying correctly.

The problem is the “On Perception Updated” event is not being called even when a stimuli source is within the AI sight perception cone of vision.

I have a couple questions:

  1. Can anyone else confirm that AI sight perception is not working in 4.24.1?
  2. Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips?

Thank you!

Solved it!

I recently added volumetric clouds that use large static mesh cubes. The cubes were creating collision responses on the “vision” channel which interfaces with sight perception apparently. So, the cloud static mesh cube components were blocking the sight perception.