Ai shoots at origin (0,0,0) in generic shooter template

I implemented a very simple ai system on the BP_PlayerCharacter inside the generic shooter project . The ai moves towards me when the pawn senses . Immediately after sensing the ai will start shooting at me as i intend to . The ai visually is shooting towards me with the gun direction and muzzle effects but the fire effect and final destination of every bullet is exactly at the world origin (0,0,0) . Can somebody who has experience in using the generic shooter help me with this ?


You should post your BP or project to see where the problem are. I guess the AI is programmed to shoot but you don’t pass it the location of your character, but I GUESS it, dunno if I can be right.

its something wrong with the way the generic shooter is made . I still havent figured it out the solution but i left it behind .

I’m agree with you in 4.8 and 4.9 the generic 1st person template shoot very weird. Didn’t notice that the direction of bullets is 0,0,0, simply I believed the bullets go in wrong directions. I put an eye on this right now.