AI Selection Ideas

Following a lot of Tutorials on AI setup, all good and understand the process on setting up a AI for Sniper, Rifleman ect. However, they are seldom never done at the same time.

I am looking for a Tutorial or ideas on how to implement an AI World placement or selection process.

  1. Place the AI in the World.
  2. Set the AI Class Riflemen, Sniper, Gunner
  3. Each Class has a specific set of Firearms, Gadgets for use (looked at Enumeration, not sure that it what I want).
  4. Each Class has a specific uniform, decals, and potential animations

I am looking to build my game with strictly blueprint/UE4 vanillas features. Up until the point that I can’t:)

Looks like I may have found the solution I am looking for. Going back to my C++ training a Struct is what I actually need. And I found that in the engine, so a combination of sruct, data assets and enumerators I believe I can solve this.

I may end up with more AI Controllers than I had anticipated, but that may also make the BP/BT’s a lot less confusing to create/maintain.

  1. Make a struct and Data table on weapon based on class.
    Data Tables
  2. use a random integer on the structs array to pick a class. That would take care of items 2,3,4.
  3. Create a spawner and make sure the Character is set to possessed when “placed in map or spawned”

That should work.

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