AI scripting: Move to random location?

Hey guys, Got a question for everyone.
I’m trying to do random waypoints and pathfinding in Unreal’s blueprint/Behavior system, and I found a few sources, namely:
I followed these tutorials to the end, but small little changes to blueprint, or some other things not clearly stated has kept me from completing them, and thus, enabling me to get my system up and running.
I’m still REALLY new to blueprint and AI Behaviors, so at this stage I’m still just tinkering.
Does anyone know of any similar tutorials or documentation for this type of setup, or where to start so I can get a clear understanding of AI pathfinding and rigging?

Thanks alot guys, hope I’m not asking too much^^

Hello! I actually just set this up today. I created a task and set it up in blueprints like this:

Then I create a vector key in my Blackboard Asset and called it “Location”, and used my new task and move to in a sequence:

Make sure that the node keys are correctly set as well. This works fine. If it doesn’t work, try changing Move To to a Move Directly Toward node. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply KoldKam, I really appreciate it^^
Um, can i ask you a few questions? your first image at the top regarding the blueprint, the “Location” Variable, and the “Get actor Location”…
Do i simply create a variable with “Location” as its name, under “Blackboard Key” type, and plug it into the “Set blackboard Value as Vector”?

Last thing, the “Get actor Location” tile, I cant seem to pull it up under search, but I’m assuming I’m missing somethingO_o

No problem! Sorry I forgot to include this information:

“Location” - BlackboardKeySelector
“Radius” - float

So yep! Just create the BlackboardKeySelector variable, drag it out to the graph, drag out a new node for the variable and you should see “Set Blackboard Value As Vector”. Then just connect the return value from “Get Random Point In Radius” into the “Value” pin of “Set Blackboard Value As Vector”.

And about the “Get Actor Location” node, Unreal Engine 4.5 has been acting kind of weird with nodes I could easily find in 4.4 and lower. You can find it by unchecking the “Context Sensitive” box and doing a search or you could do what I did and go to Edit->Editor Preferences->Experimental and check the “Use New Blueprint Menuing System” box. Both ways fix the problem but I recommend doing what I did as unchecking “Context Sensitive” may increase menu times.

Hope I helped! Good luck! :smiley: