AI running movement using waypoint system

Hello, I’ve been working on an waypoint system for getting my AI enemies to follow a specific path and climbing up walls and jumping down again. so far i’ve managede to get it work. but it still needs improvement.
If i use AI Move to then i cant get my AI to climb up walls or jumping back down again using the nav link proxy.
But if i use move to location then it can climb the wall. but it stops at every waypoint before moving forward.
For climbing the wall i’ve been setting movement mode to flying when reaching the wall and back to walk when he is at the top of the wall

Also the waypoints got individual acceptance radius, witch apparently only the ai moveto uses

You can see a recording of it here ElfBow AI moveto or move to location? - YouTube

I hope some of you got an idea on how to point me in the right direction of solving my issue