AI rubs againt the walls

Hello there!

I am working with a project where different characters can have different sizes, the same thing goes with their capsules - some of them smaller, some of them bigger.
The problem is that guys with bigger capsules kind of rub againts the walls while moving.
I need to fix it somehow but without changing anything for smaller characters. I know that i can add Agent and increase Nav Agent Radius in project settings, but it is something that i consider as a last resort.

I tried to change Nav Movement settings in actor’s blueprint but none of the changes worked properly.

I don’t think that the problem is in the navmesh, 'cause everything works perfect with small guys. Would be nice to see any answers.

Thank you!

The entire purpose of different Agents and Agent Radii is for this exact scenario. If you create an agent and give it a bigger radius, the navmesh will still calculate to the edges for a small agent, but will also correctly block of the areas that a large agent could not fit into. This will prevent your large agents from rubbing against walls and will also keep them from trying to go through hallways that they cannot fit through.

Use Nav Agents and their Agent Radius!

Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it!
I suppose I have to use it after all, but it is something that may have a bad effect on the perfomance, that’s why I am asking :slight_smile:
You think it might be the only option?

Performance issues from this specific feature will be pretty negligible. It’s simply using a smaller subset of the NavMesh when pathfinding, and that subset is built and saved ahead of time, not being constantly recalculated.

If this works out for you, don’t forget to mark as answered. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late answer. It kind of worked (needed to do another adjustment because of Crowd Controller). Thanks a lot!