AI rotation

I can’t get my AI to rotate :frowning:

I have their sight set to 9000 and 180 degree peripheral, I’ve tried toggling every possible combination of the controller desired rotation and direction of rotation as well as the control rotation yaw. I feel like there is just something simple as to why the AI will not rotate when it chases me. Any response to fixing this issue would be much appreciated I am just trying to learn unreal for the first time, thanks.

I feel kind of stupid, but I want to leave this up in case anyone else is stumped. I had the character facing side wise in their mesh…

Welcome to Unreal Engine, I hope you have some hair (left) on your head, you will end up pulling it out every now and then. Jokes aside now. :slight_smile:

Is is possible to have a screenshot of what’s wrong or a video/gif if you are able to make one. Always helps out when you have a visual reference.
When is your AI character suppose to rotate (face player)? How are you controlling your AI? Does the chasing itself work?

No worries. No need to feel stupid, it’s all a learning experience. So you character wasn’t properly rotated inside blueprint right? Been there, done that. If it’s not too much trouble mark this as resolved, unless you have more questions. G’day.