AI rotating and moving forward (running away)

Hi guys, I’m new to UE so I’ll just show the blueprints and see if I’m missing anything. I’m trying to write a task for the AI to rotate and move forward (running away) as shown below. No problem with rotation but what I can’t think of is how to get the AI to just move forward. Any ideas?

My way of doing it would be to get a position away from the target you want to run away from by substracting the target and self positions and simply using the Move To behaviour tree node

I’ve tried that and it would only run away in the same direction.

Get the facing angle of your AI and just let it move toward that direction at certain unit length( a vector times a float), and periodically repeat the process so it just keep running? Might not be the best solution.

I won’t be surprised if there is a way to let the AI just keep moving. Say if it’s a character with controller, I can just hold down the D-pad or the left stick, and the character will keep going until I release the buttons. Maybe you just need a variable that determines the direction, and speed. Not sure if AIs are able to work this way.