ai rating based on a product?

Hi there!

I´m relatively new to unreal engine, so please forgive my knowledge of it, but please take this into consideration. You have made an ad for a new mouse you have designed (in a game), and then the ai in the game makes reviews on the mouse based on the ad and the quality of the mouse, which would affect the revenue you would be getting and your sales. My guess would be that you would have different factors like the length of the ad, voice narrated or not, components used in the mouse and stuff like that determine the rating. It´s ok, but it feels limited, like for example the way you present it can´t be put into a factor. Any other/better way?

Please pardon my english, I´m norwegian you see xD

So you want an AI to be able to rate your product based on several factors? Like production costs, how much did those parts really cost you versus how much you are charging for the finished product. Not to mention the workmanship to make the product. The AI could also consider the target market, what sales projections there may be for the product (supply/demand), how well exposed is the product to the consumer. Is it at every store and online retailer or only in Joe’s Parts-R-Us?

Also any competitive products currently released or coming out within a certain timeframe (usually 3 months is a good gauge) versus your product. What are the sales projections and reviews for those products and compared to your sales projections and reviews of your product. Would endorsements be involved for your product? What are the costs associated with that?

Remember, Bill Cosby increased the sales of sweaters when he was on TV in the 1980s, but he doesn’t have that push anymore.

You aren’t really looking to do any kind of AI with this. You are just doing pre-programmed variables and applying randomness to the results if you want different “reviewers”