AI randomly stops moving


I have recently been creating the boss AI character for my game. I have the boss set up so that it will chase the player around and if its within a certain distance of the player it will a melee attack and if the player was to run away the AI would continue to follow, however, there seems to be an issue where randomly the AI will just stop moving completely and I don’t know why or how to stop this from happening as I am new to this.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to fix this?

Thanks in advance

some screenshot of your scripts and possibly a video of what occurring would help to start solving your issue. without knowing whats been done its hard to say what to do. it sounds like its a state problem like its not moving on to the next task or that you dont have a task after attacking that lets your enemy check the distance to the player to decide if it should move.

Is your character on the nav mesh at all times during this boss fight? Because if your character is in the air for too long, or if the capsule component is sitting on the very edge of geometry (just outside of the nav mesh), the AI won’t know what to do and just sit there, in its “combat” state, unable to move to your location.

Pause the game whenever the AI is standing still and look at its behaviour tree, see what it’s doing.

Make sure your “On Fail” for AIMoveTo is connected to a “Finish Execute” node on each AI task.
I wish you luck on your boss fight, reply if you need more info.