AI Question

What is the difference between AI placed in scene and Spawned AI From Class?
So, i worked on my AI drons and i find some unclear moment.

First screenshot illustrate AI Controller for my bot. Pay more attention on function Move to Actor, that is all we need there.

Second screenshot shows my own function follow from AI Controller that also call function Move to Actor.

Ok, the last screenshot illustrate some function from my AI Spawner, NOT CONTROLLER. It is also important thing to understand my question.

And my question is: When i placed bot through scene manager, the first function Move to Actor in Controller doesn’t work, but controller start the timer aaaaand like magic when it call function Follow, in this function Move to actor works and actor begin move. But its not all so easy, because IF i spawn enemy using function Spawn AI From Class the first function works at the start. There is a question: What is the difference between this situations, it doesn’t looks like a bug?