AI Programmer(s) with good networking skills needed for short contract

My Client is making a 4 player zombie shooter in VR (HTC Vive Pro), for VR Arcades.

The game is roughly 90% complete however there are some bugs with the AI that their programmer lacks the skills to fix.

We are looking for someone or some people to rewrite the zombie AI ensuring that it works well over the network. Work may need to be done to the guns too, to ensure the hit detection works well.

The game is about 7 mins long, 4 players are stood on the back of a truck driving through the desert, shooting hordes of zombies. Up to 40 zombies can be active at once.

The zombies are very basic this is all of their actions:

Standard Zombie
climb onto a moving truck (which the players are stood on)
get limbs shot off (only on death)
melee attack (while on truck)

Boss Zombie
melee attack
play taunt animation
play intro animation
throw projectile (projectile can be shot down, also damages players and explode on impact)

Character models, and animations, vfx and audio already exist.

We estimate that the work should be doable in 3 weeks but we are happy to pay for a full month to be safe.

If this interests you please DM me some details about your self and your resume. Please include how much you are looking to get paid too.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.