AI Programmer for Sub-Gravity Racing Game

Hi! I’m currently hustling to get a demo ready for a game that I will be submitting to BITSUMMIT on April 1st, and am looking for help with AI.

Project Title:
AYA Blaze

High speed sub-gravity racing game with floating vehicles, drifting and weapons (but it’s not Wipeout) on winding and twisty countryside tracks. Sunny and uplifting, high energy. Scaled down, anime inspired look.


  • 360 degree racing *]Buttery smooth controls *]Pleasure

Here are some WIP pictures and videos. Please excuse this mixed bag of tests and sketches - it’s all coming together before submission deadline on April 1st :slight_smile:


Updated vehicle physics;
Early gameplay with my (very) old AI;
FX Lookdev;

Team Structure**:**
<Me - covers all the bases>
Have an excellent prototype that’s moving into the demo phase. Vehicles, environments, items, level building tools, graphics - everything.

<You - AI programmer>
The game flows very well and is enjoyable even by yourself, but my attempt at making an AI wasn’t very optimized (although I gained much knowledge) so I need help populating the track!

  • 10 days til delivery (April 1st) *]So a somewhat stiff AI that does the job is definitely OK for now *] The pawn is set up to take regular player input like movement and rotation, so hooks up nicely to an AIcontroller *]I’ve already made a prototype AI that sucked but went around the track, so there’s stuff to be reused and learned from

Previous Work:
I’ve won two Epic game jams with these games; (by myself) (everything but AI and modelling)

The Deal:
I’m really looking for someone who can help me finish the game more long term - so AI, multiplayer, optimizations etc. I am definitely willing to pay for the work, and am open to either contracting for now or splitting revenue when the game gets released. For this demo, I’m looking for help for 10 days and am willing to talk about compensation for that as well, if needed.

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