AI Prog - UE5 Scene

Hi everyone!

First time posting here, I hope I’m on the right place.
I want to share my Environment that I made in UE5. made while doing the polycount challenge (July/August 2021)

concept by Paul Trochu (link)
I imagine this is the den of a hacker/programmer who tries to build an early prototype of a robot, which is made from human parts (thus the body part x-ray on the monitors). he/she lived in some kind of underground parking lot / abandoned building: lives and works DIY-style, love beer and potato chips.

Feedback are welcome!
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Superb scene :smiley:

You need to make video out of it so we can truly enjoy et get a true immersion :wink:

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Thanks man! :smiley: I’m kinda still waiting a bit in case someone point out mistakes that I dont realize yet, but I will made a full video out of it of course :wink:

Great then :smiley:

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