AI procedural pathing?

I’ve been working on a project where the level is assembled at run-time, using existing models and their sockets fitting them together like a puzzle. Because of this, I’m unable to create a nav mesh for the game because everything except the skybox is generated at runtime. To approach AI, I’ve been working on pathing using line traces against physical materials which fundamentally works, but it’s getting more and more complex in order to determine when to look in other directions, how to stay away from edges/trim (not just walls), dealing with slopes, etc…

How do people usually approach something like this? Is it via line tracing or by some other means? Advice would be helpful.


The nav mesh system supports run time generation. It has been supported since the time Epic showcased their large open world demo.

Whoah. Interesting - i’ll take a look. Thank you.

This is excellent, and works well. Is there a way to generate the navmesh over certain phys materials, or is it based on only angle/slope/step height?