AI Perception Weirdness (Bug?)


I’ve somewhat recently started learning development on Unreal Engine and it was going swell, until I came to this point in making an AI NPC. I’m not sure if this is the exact correct place to ask this but I’ve seen questions like this on the forums.

(Picture of the code I’m talking about are as attachments + I could only post one since I’m a new user).

So shortly put, I’m working on a sight/hearing system for the AI and for some reason it keeps triggering the hearing output from it just seeing me. This causes the AI to go to the location of the last heard noise first, then going to the location of the visual detection. I’ve done some debugging and found out that it stems from the “Switch on int” (which parses which sense was last sensed).

I would like to know if there is something I’m missing about the AIPerception, since it seems pretty fiddly to separate which sense was actually sensed. I’m also fairly certain that the issue is not caused by the behaviour tree or anything else, since the “Senses” blueprint is the first (and only) place where it handles the AIPerception input.

I have no problem on giving more information as needed. This issue has really brought my development to a halt and I would greatly appreciate any help :slight_smile:

(In the picture “Switch on int” outputs: 0 = sight, 1 = hearing, 2 = damage (unused)):


Hey Cactera,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues and how it has caused work stoppage. Would you kindly be able to fill out a bug report for us to understand the issues at hand further? And or the team to replicate- and hopefully, find a solution! :slight_smile: