AI Perception Sight only triggers for moving player characters

So, I have an AI pawn that moves between way-points. If it sees a moving player character it triggers the perception update event as you’d expect. However, it doesn’t trigger the event if it comes across a player character that isn’t moving.

Is this expected behaviour in UE4.20? If so, is there a simple way to trigger the event for both moving and still player characters?

Thanks for looking!

Do you have screen shots of your AI controller and behavior tree?

I’m not worried about the behaviour tree actions, I’m just trying to trap the event. The only things I haven’t checked, are setting the sight sense as the first sense, rather than hearing. And re-parenting the AIController to the base AIController, rather than VRAIController.

I’m guessing the sight perception event should be fired whether or not the player character is moving then?

get the same result. When an pawn get **out of perception sight **and its moving, perception gets an update with stimulus **“successfully sensed” with result false **directly. That’s fine. But when pawn is not moving, it do not update a long time. Is that the intention of AI perception that pawns have to move?

Sorry for pushing that, but I tested today AI for hours again and one thing from time to time makes problem in my AI behavior. Problem as described, When AI perception “seeing” is seeing a pawn, most of the time its fine also without moving the pawn.
But when the AI pawn turns around and walks away and the player is standing still (and the player pawn gets out of AI sight), then AI perception is **not **calling lost of sight. Moving the player pawn in the back of the AI pawn calls AI perception with “false”, but only when moving around. If not, getting “false” need really a very long time.

Any idea what I can improve that AI is firing "out of sight (“successfully sensed” with result false) faster when not seeing a non moving pawn?

In my case “auto success range from last seen location” was the problem. It’s auto success when pawn not moves in range and then max age is not counting. I thought max age is counting down also and not influences by “auto success range from last seen location” when pawn not moving. Set “auto success range from last seen location” back to -1 solved my problems.

@**graysan: **If you never found a answer, check you Auto success range from last seen location settings.

I have the same exact problem but setting auto success range from last seen location to -1 doesn’t help. If my player character isn’t moving the successfully sensed remains true. My engine version is 4.27. Can you suggest me something? Thanks in advance!