AI Perception seems intermittent

I have AI Perception on my AIs and they detect me properly (90% of the time).

I put AI Perception on my Player Character so it can detect Enemies as well, so I do not have to iterate actors within a radius (I thought this would be the best practice since there’s a system built to detect players via sense).

My only sense right now is Sight.

As I said, 90% of the time it works. The reason I say this is because I end up with “invulnerable AIs” because my Player Character’s Sight Perception is not detecting them. It should be 100% detecting AIs and my AIs should be 100% detecting the Player because they are using the system properly (hopefully).

I have attached a screenshot showing my Player Character trying to detect AI’s by class using AI Perception. I’m going to have to remove it because my player is only detecting 90% of the AI’s standing in a 100 radius. I hope it’s something stupid I did and can fix it, maybe my AI’s are standing on top of each other or perceived farther than they actually are?

The above screenshot is a section that is called when I use my weapon to attack, which 90% of the time reduces the enemies health by 25 (of 100). It kills 90% of the monsters, but I end up with one or two invulnerable AIs (not taking damage, but just hitting me back) because AI Perception from my Player Character is not detecting them.

If anyone has had this experience let me know what I should do – perhaps AI Perception needs tweaking?