AI Perception not detecting noise

So I’m trying to set up a simple AI that can hear a noise from an arbitrary source, at the moment I have a player character who outputs the noise when he presses a button for testing purposes, I also have an AI that has the Perception Component on it for it to receive those noise reports. The problem arises that whatever I do the AI doesn’t sense the noise by any means and I can’t seem to find any video or question that properly describes how the hearing sense should be set up, and after 2 days of looking online I’ve come here to see if anyone can help with what’s wrong, alongside I have some pictures showing how the AI and Player are set up to output and receive noise.

I’m having similar problems, and I know that this is far too late - but in case anyone else finds this useful (you missed it in your original description) you also need to include an AIPerceptionStimuliSource to the noise-making actor.