AI Perception - Non Characters

Is it possible to use Perception (mainly sight) for actors that are non-characters i.e. without a controller? If so, is it advisable to do or would it be better to stick with more traditional, highly verbose hard coding? I know you can set an AI Perception component on an actor and also place a ‘Run EQSQuery’ node in the graph (although there’s little support/help on exactly how to use this node) so I would assume based on those 2 things, you *can * use the EQS System on non-characters but you know what they say about assumption.

What I’m trying to accomplish: It’s a Tower-Defense/RTS style game. Rather than running a bunch of collision/line trace tests to see what/who has entered the “Line of Sight” of one of the towers, I feel it would be better to have an AI Sight Perception keep everything up to date and decide what a good target is and if it’s feasible to attack. I know anything AI in blueprints is expensive but I see it as no more expensive than running all the necessary code to do it otherwise.

Any help, advice, tutorials, experience would be greatly appreciated! I haven’t tested this yet, figured I would see what kind of response I got first before going through the headache of hooking everything up before I realized it wasn’t possible or too big of a hassle.


You can indeed use EQS on non-characters.

I’m not sure about your other question though.

Awesome, thanks! I can easily test this out myself but just curious if you know, does the Testing Pawn work or does it need a behavior tree?

Hi Mr. Smith, im doing the same thing im wonder what was your result?
it would be great if I could use experience and go to the right way instead of just hours testings, Thanks.

there are some of my problems for using AiPerception for Pawn :