Ai Perception never goes out of sight

Hello everyone,

so I am currently trying to integrate AI Perception for my ai, I have everything going and it’s working but the AI will never go to his patroling state when out of sight, even when the player moves out of his range he will still associate that player and continue to follow them. I can’t figure out whats going on and it’s driving me mad :stuck_out_tongue:

My configuration: 58de59ca997fe09d9ac7d6cb7315607e91e2c58c.png

My blueprint (Doing the sensing and changing the blackboard values): 80ef6b8611f612c60a26499705d77ecec65960dc.png

Video of the issue:"]

Although you can’t see it in the video I can confirm that the blackboard values are indeed changing as intended so im guessing it has something to do with the ai perception?

I did it somewhat differently. Not using behavior tree yet. But so far it works well enough. actually it worked too well. AI kept returning to patrol the second i cut a corner and stepped out of his view, but i wanted it to keep chasing me for a few seconds more even if out of view, so i added a delay. maybe you have some timing problems somewhere? don’t know, not really an expert. anyway here’s a link to the BP i have so far

I also noticed there’s no Target in the break actor perception blueprint info. is that normal?