AI Perception in blueprints

I wouldn’t hold my breath. We’re currently focusing on other areas of AI work.



Is there any chance of getting ai perception working in blueprints any time soon? mieszkoZHowUDoin?

Please let “mieszkoZHowUDoin” become a new tag.

But1.5year since that AI tutorial, awrit then…

We’re hiring, if you want to help :wink:

I mean, Perception is a base of AI, how can you focus on something else when this base is not working properly, not trying to say anything just want you to calm me down and tell me that you are working on it. My problem is that im not that experienced with c++, but if will try to get perceptiong working via c++ i will need to rewrite a lot of blueprints into code which as i said above i’m not too good at. I’m specifically interested in affiliation. Thanks for your time again

Well, in 1.5 years you can get fairly good at C++. The tricky part is the logic that goes into it and since you understand the Blueprints, that should be no problem.

AI is best done in C++ for efficiency. So while it’s not working for how you may want to use it, it is working quite well for how it is intended to be used. If you want to save a whole bunch of code rewriting your base actor, you could always look into blueprint implementable events. This is an event that is called from C+ but used in blueprints. That way your perception will just call a C++ function that calls a blueprint event.

Check out this link for how to create those in C++