AI Perception Hearing not working as expected in 4.13

I have been working for hours to find a solution for this problem. I have a noise emitting actor in my game that when it hits the floor, the AI perception should “hear” it. That all works perfectly fine until I try to set a Blackboard component with the location of the noise.

When triggered, the location output is completely maxed out, until the AI sight is triggered, then it overwrites the maxed out location data with the sight perception data. I made a quick video to quickly show the problem and my current blueprints. As a note, I have both sight and hearing running out of the same AI perception node.

Video: - YouTube

Wow!!! Everytime I post something I find the solution almost immediately after! The solution was to change the “get” node in the video to look at index 1 not 0. Index 0 is where sight is, index 1 is where hearing is! So simple!

Hi, can you make a tutorial about this? There are billions of AI tutorials concerning the “Sight Sense” out there. But I couldn’t find a single one where someone talks about AI Hearing (using AIPerception and Blueprint).

When I tried the almost similar way you did it in your video he only triggers the hearing path when the AI sees me. Like the issue you were having when you used GET 0 instead of GET 1.