AI Perception Geometry Interactions

At the moment “Sight” for the AI Perception system can be blocked by a piece of glass or other geometry with translucent material. Is there a way to get AI Perception to ignore particular geometry or treat it as a special case?

I have a game-play mechanic idea in mind where I would like the AI to be able to track the player through things like glass. I could implement this in a different way altogether, but I would love it if I could just use the inbuilt AI system.

I have by no means tested to see if this works, just spitballing.

A cumbersome way to do this might be do cast line traces from your AI to your character, then when your line trace collides with your ‘glass’, you can then tell the AI what to do (i.e shoot, move to, or whatever).
This would likely mean having line traces by eventtick which is probably not healthy :slight_smile:

Is it possible to remove the collision of the glass?

I know how to solve this problem with Ray Tracing. I’m asking if I can do it with the existing AI components.