AI perception breaks down when I package

Hello, I am on UE4.27 in VR and I have a rather strange thing and I find nothing about it on the net.
I have an AI with a Behavior Tree that is launched by my “AI controller Class” referenced in my Character.
My Character is in Auto posses AI [Placed in world or Spawned.
The AI controller class is the one I created.]

When I launch the game in Standalone Game in UE4 the AI works great, no worries.
But after Package the game … the “AI controller Class” is not working. The “AI perception” doesn’t receive any stimulus.
AIs don’t see me.

Have you ever had this?
Maybe something to do in the Packaging settings?

Thanks a lot!

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In project settings go to navigation and navigation mesh → force rebuild on load. Also when packaging make sure you’re cooking everything required for referencing. If you need additional help, reach out to me.

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Hello, thank you very much for your reply.
I am in “Force rebuild”.

How do I know that everything is cook?
This is what I get as the final message after cooking

and this is the line it gives me after cooking by filtering “navigation”.

Thank you very much

The bug is still there

Hello , I’m back on this bug , I’m still looking but I found the source.
The BB Decorator doesn’t behave the same in editor mode as in Package mode.