AI Perception - AI Sense Touch usage

I added AI Touch config on my AI Perception

And also I implemented AIPerceptionStimuliSource in my characters Task2

However, I couldn’t get any working feedback from the "On Perception Updated(AI Perception) despite all implementation mentioned above.

We couldn’t find any documentation or tutorial about that. Is anybody know and help us for the problem?

I know when damage sensing you need to “report damage event” node, maybe there is a function built in that can “report touch event”.

AIPerception is really janky in UE4. It’s best to create your own touch event using ’ generate hit something’ I can’t remember the name.
That way if the AI touches another pawn, then it reports back.

That’s not have any report event for touch sense like report damage event.

Okay bro thanks for your answer and help

I agree with the comment above. Ai perception is absolute garbage in ue4, last time that i tried to use it i encountered so many glitches and missing features that i gave up on it and ended up using pawn sensing component.