AI perceives sound on alternate make noise activation only

Hello, I was trying to make an AI which investigates sound when made and move to that location. I’m making sound using pawn noise emitter component. When i press F key sound will be notified using ‘make noise’ node. I setup one of the AI with pawn sensing and the other with AI Perception. Both of them will respond to the sound but not for every press of the key.I also tried adding stimuli source to the player character and registering to the perception, but no luck still the same problem. Is this some kind of bug or what am i doing wrong?Please Help. Thanks.

Here are my screenshots:
1.Player Setup
2.Pawn Sensing Set up. On hearing noise it moves to the noise location. But not working properly.
3.AI Perception Setup on other AI. Perception updates when noise made every 2nd time.
4.Pawn sensing AI moves to the Noise location.But not every time
5.AI Perception registers sound when F key pressed. But Works only in alternate press.Also note that pawn sensing AI did not sense the sound.

so, i use these type of setups -

possessed pawn - your main character - makes a noise.

it uses report noise event with a tag

ai pawn, in this case a robot , has on target perception updated and uses stimulas ouitput with break aistimulus with noise tag. if that’s the tag that recv, go to detected.

one final thing you must do is set senses config of ai pawn and make sure it’s set as in the example of sesne config below. hope this helps out.

keep trying different options based on what i have and it should work

good luck to you.

Thanks man. As you mentioned i just added a report noise with tag “Noise”. Also i check for the same tag at target updated event. AI perception seems to be working fine now. By the way the first and last screenshots of yours are same. Here is my setup now
1.Updated Pawn(Player Character)
2.AI perception updated

Thanks, Cheers!

glad you fixed it! was happy to see this. take care :slight_smile: