AI pawn sense interval reset animation

Hi, I am using the PawnSensing Component but the sensing interval resets my characters movementspeed and in doing so the animation also gets reset. I’ve tried using a bunch of different numbers and if i chose something like 5 seconds the character does the animations correctly for 5 seconds and then resets. this is not nearly how i want it and since hes sensing every 5 sec he can ignore you for 5 sec before walking towards you.

This is super anyoing since all the tutorials on youtube or anywhere never get this problem. please help ive tried it with many different animations too but the movement speed is still jagged.

It’s not the sensing thing, it’s the movement but. I believe I’ve fixed it already, but I"m not sure if the fix is in one of 4.13 hotfixes, or in 4.14. The only workaround I can suggest, if you work in BP, is not re-requesting the movement if you’re still going to the same location. Velocity gets reset as part of the move requesting code.

Sorry for the bug!



How’s it resolved where.s the work around… or is it resloved with a BUG label… ???
How can anyone have basic chase AI with this messed up… trying this seems to have a velocity assign to help… sorry for snapping… :slight_smile: