AI Pawn reports incorrect Direction after Attack Animation

So I’m dealing with an odd animation bug here. My blendspace for my AI seems to work fine, but for some reason after an attack animation, when the AI starts moving towards the player again it reports the opposite direction. It is facing the player, moving towards the player, but reports a direction of -165 to -180. This results in the backwards jog animation being played instead of the forward one. the backwards one is slightly different and looks a bit weird going forward.

This only happens right after an attack animation, but I have nothing that touches it’s direction or anything. The attack animations do use root motion, everything uses root motion.

I’ve done print statements, and they do show the direction reported being around -180 at that time (and expected other times).

Based on this thread:

I altered my direction calculation to return his local space direction, hoping that would fix the problem but it didn’t. So for now my direction calculation looks like this:


In this video at the 0:23 you can see the AI moving towards the player, but playing the backwards jog animation, the arms and legs don’t swing as much. At the beginning of the video you can see the regular anim for this: