Ai Patrol Points/ Random Points

I havent seen the video but you can use Get Random Point in Navigable Radius or Get Random Reachable Point in Radius functions should help.

Hi, my name is Troy and I am trying to make an A.I patrol between two points, like on this video Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial : AI Patrol (AI pt2) - YouTube, but at 10:44 I could not set the patrol points to target points.

also I was trying to get my A.I to patrol to random points using get random point like on the first part of the video.
But I could not find the get random point, i tried creating random vectors but that did not seem to work.

I need an answer quick, because this is for a school project and I don’t have much time left so an answer other then "Have you tried searching for the answer first? From the top of my search results: 1 2 3 4
Please search the answerhub/forums before posting questions so that we don’t get distracted by the noise while trying to support you guys :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I am Fix the patrol points problem, but an answer to random points would be nice

I tried random point myself its not there also… I tried connecting random point in navigable radii or get random reachable point in Radius together but the ai only runs in one direction

The Ai only runs in one direction and just stands there can some one plz help me find the right formula