AI PATROL PATHS what is the limitation with Unreal Engine?

i came across a weird issue. And I’m wondering if there’s a limit in Unreal Engine with the number of AI patrol routes that you can have in your level…
Originally I wanted 9 patrol routes in Telos City for the droids. The map is around about 1 km in size, so its an outdoor map… I got the 1st droid patrol route to work in
my city. But when i did the 2rd and 3rd patrols routes, the 1st patrol route then suddenly ceased to work while the 2nd and 3rd patrol routes were fine (I used targets to lay down the routes) and used also an ENUM switchboard for all my patrol routes. and I don’t know why the 1st route stopped working, but at the same time I had about 30 spiders pawns scattered around in my map around the city tied to a service blueprint to control them. And my spiders AI is also acting strange. they are supposed to run around and attack and chase me for a while then give up the chase and return back to their normal places, but instead they are all Running across the map and Gathering all together in a large group in the middle which is unusual behavior because they stopped attacking and chasing me… I’m wondering if this is happening because of a resource problem or I went over the limit for the number of AI controlled paths that I can have in the map at once.

And if I delete half the spiders from my map, and if their AI paths returns back to normal behavior then that will be probably be the case.

I came across this kind of type problem before with AI paths acting strange or ceasing to work. Because when I used to make my own map levels in the Red Faction Editor that engine had a limit of about 3-4 Nav Points AI with vehicles and if you put in any more AI vehicle patrol paths than that, then the waypoints would soon cease to work. And the Nav Points sometimes also Get CORRUPTED in Red Engine as well, and so I’m wondering if that’s what happened here in Unreal that if you lay down your patrol paths, and if you accidentally bump or move the targets or move something the targets are on can it corrupt them?

if this is the case that Unreal suffers from the same issue with AI as the Red Editor does then maybe the enemies have to be spawned into the map in
small little groups. Instead of just inserting them all into the level as pawns.

Does anyone know the limits of this engine when it comes to doing waypoint AI paths?

Maybe my setup was wrong, but here’s the setup I had for the patrol paths.

And this is the City Map, Everything all in bits and pieces all over the place because I’ve not sorted it all out yet.

A few engine versions ago, I worked on a project that involved plenty of AI pawns running around the world. I used a waypoint actors with setIDs and pointIDs to determine the paths. When loading, the AI would get all of the waypoints for it’s designated setID, and then it would go to the first in the list by ID. Upon reaching the waypoint, depending on the waypoint settings, he could pause, move at random for a bit, or just keep walking to the next point. I had many AI running around, with no issues like this.

Without seeing any of your blueprints regarding the spiders, I can’t really say much about it. As well, seeing the way your AI paths are setup to run is required to get a good idea of what might be going on.

I seen this AI effect in games like Jax Renegade they managed to populate all of Haven City with hundreds of these annoying AI Hovercars that ram into you and people walking through Haven City was hundreds of them and you can hurt them, but I think it was an illusion from the spawner, I seen this also in Games where you can’t hurt the AI like Final Fantasy XII when walking through the towns, and I think they might’ve used a mobile Spawner to pull this type of illusion off and have it spawn at random places outside the edge of the Player Camera FOV attach the spawner to the player and set the spawn trigger areas to activate the spawner and the AI crowd animations in those trigger points.