AI Pathfinding

Hello there, still pretty new to Unreal, but I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a fairly advanced issue/concern/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it. So I have this little bit of junk that tells my NPC character to go to a specific point in the world. What’s crazy is it seems like there’s some built in pathfinding in Unreal. I’ve set up a whole maze for him to walk through to test this out, and he can find the point around every obstacle I’ve placed. So there’s SOME sort of built in pathfinding (since the only code I have for this character at all is in the picture attached.) My question is, is there a way to tweak this built-in pathfinding system. There are certain aspects that I would like to improve. Or is there no tweaking it, am I just gonna have to create my own pathfinding system? Any and all input is appreciated. 39f67b430b5120b1adb0466af9402f0a6aaf7f8d.png

Watch tutorials about “Behavioral trees” and “EQS enviromental query system”

EQS is probably what you want, but it goes with btrees. In EQS you can calculate “Score” for grid of pathfinding items then go to best one, or do something with it.

I’m using 4.11.2, I can’t seem to find the behaviour tree… did they hide it somewhere else?

It’s under Artificial Intelligence.

There’s “nav modifier volume” for changing behaviors. Is there something specific you want to do?