AI - Pathfinding & EQS

Hello, i’m trying to set up a solution that my AI need to bypass and reach the back of the actor.

My AI reach the easiest location without the logic set in the EQSBlueprint (simple bool for test). It’s still going in.

I get a little bit good results with settings the sphere collision as a dynamic obstacle but still manage to fail the attempted result.

As you can see :

  • RED lines are the pathfinding calculated and the road the AI will take.
  • GREEN line is the result i expect
  • The black area is the back i attempt to get in.

Thanks for the help.

Alright so the two things that come to my mind are:

→ either you will have to set that path for them yourself meaning the ai will just follow the path you created. search AI Patrol or something on youtube and you will find some tutorials on this.

→ or create invisible non-collision boxes which affect ai navigation (i am not sure if this will work but i think actors have a option which you can change so that they will affect ai meaning you might be able to make them avoid this).