AI PathExist functionality


On screenshot 1 we have 2 objects – place for building and turret, each of them have a colliders with option BlockAllDynamic and each of them have option “Can Affect Navigation” in true. We have a direct path between them (seeing NavMesh). On screenshot 2 we also have a stone, which blocks the path.

And I have some questions:

  1. On sceenshot 1 - how can I check – does path exist between those buildings? Decorator DoesPathExists in behavior tree always returns false in my case.
  2. On screenshot 2 – how can I detect exactly object which blocks the path (the stone in may case)?

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Thanks for help in advance!

I don’t think the feature exists in blueprints, but it definitely does in C++. There is however a Blackboard decorator for it so im sure there is a creative way to use this and set some variables in your other blueprints.

Thank you, I shall search in the C++ documentation…