AI path Avoidance


I feel like I’m missing some basic knowledge that I seem to be unable to find.
I have different AI units of different factions. One of them is programmed in their behaviour tree to run away from the enemy using EQS.
Now sometimes it happens that the shortest path the the chosen EQS point is by walking past the enemy. I don’t want that.
I can’t seem to find anything that allows my AI to just simply choose another path. I don’t care about the built in avoidance systems because those are too generic for all pawns, or I don’t understand the system well enough.

I tried adding nav mesh modifiers for enemies on the units and updating the navmesh on runtime but it quickly became clear that it isn’t intended to use on moving characters/pawn. They will start to glitch out and the navmesh will look broken after a while with points not properly updating.

It would be cool if I could apply EQS or some other query to the direct path generation.

Before, I worked on a racing project and there I had an override function to adjust the path points. Is this something I can expose from the character movement component?

Any help would be appreciated.