Ai Paper2d Character Movement

Hey All.

I’m currently building 2.5D Brawler. (examples: Castle Crashers, Battletoads, Double Dragon)
The idea is that i’m using Paper2d Characters and moving them around in a 3d space.

Ive built a simple Ai using navmesh and made them move around. However when ever they “move to” the Paper2d character rotates. i really need them to be able to flip 180 degree right or left movement.
now i know i can switch of yaw input off and if i do they just face one direction constantly.

I have it set up for the player character using the player controller but how do you do it from an AI Controller

what is the best way to do this?

For any one who is having this problem i have come up with a temp solution and admittedly a lot easier then i thought.
This just sits inside the Actor Blueprint.

If there is a better way i’m still all ears as i would prefer not to use a Tick if i can.
but it currently is working :smiley:

That’s exactly how I’ve been doing it as well. I believe that’s how it was set up in 2D platformer example too.

Similar but with controller

trying to add more to my freebiee ill post once complete… ladders?