AI opening my doors

I have a custom door BP that uses an interface to open/close it. I have an AI that I would also like to be able to use the door. I added the interface to the AI and I don’t know how to approach setting up how to make the AI use the door whilst trying to get to the other side. I tried a opening when the AI enters a zone but with that then the AI will open doors as it walks by them and I don’t want that. I don’t know how to approach this and I’d really appreciate some help with this!
~Thank you in advance!

(let me know if you need any pictures of something please because I don’t know what pictures to put for this type of thing)

If you’re always wanting your AI to go through the door you can set up a Target Point (or other actor) and once the door is triggered, do MoveTo for your AI to go to that point.

The AI is a “shop owner” and when he wants to open his shop he will walk in and behind the counter. but the door is in its way. I created a Nav link proxy blueprint that when the AI activates it. it will open the door. but once it activates the nav link it will no longer move.
Edit: I don’t want it to open the doors as they pass by. I only want it to open doors that are in the way along its path.Plus the AI isnt targeting the door specifically to move to. its targeting a point past the door to move to. I want to program it to open the door as it tries to move to the target point.

Here is a video of it in progress.

After watching your video, I see that it works when collision is off, suggesting that the navigation gap is too small when collision is on.

Have you tried turning off collision on just the door frame? This might allow you enough gap when the door is open to get through.

My apologies for the late response but I have. and it will open the door but will not move after the door is opened.
Edit: I’m trying to make the AI opening doors modular so I don’t have to program in every single AI to have to specifically told to go to the door.