AI Only area

With the AI im using, they go around all the props I place down, to find the fastest way to the actor. So let’s say they spawn in a certain area that made to be only accessible by AI. So let’s say there is a small gap in between meant to give enough space for only one of the AI, is there a way to make it so the AI can pass through that gap, and not the actor? I know I can’t use a prop, or else the AI will just go around it. Any suggestions?

Yes; create an invisible collision wall that only collides with players, not with AI characters.

thanks! that helps a lot!

Also, you can actually create multiple nav meshes for different types of actors.
Common is to have “NPC” versus “regular player” (in click-to-move games) but it’s also useful for games with “giants” vs “midgets” or whatnot.