AI not working on loaded levels

I have my AI working and I am happy with it… This is when i run the level directly through PIE.

However, when deployed and I load the level from my ‘MainMenu’ level, the AI does nothing, no movement at all.

Is there something im not setting after loading a level to get the AI ‘kick-started’ after level loading?

I have deployed this on my mobile phone and on PC and both have the same effect

It is a Standard level load in blue prints not Level Streaming

Thank you

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Could you provide a screenshot of your AI Character blueprint’s Class Defaults tab? Specifically the Pawn section, which contains the Auto Possess AI option.

Thank you for replying! Please find attached as requested, I still am having issues, Thanks again! alt text

Try changing the Auto Possess AI from Placed in World to Placed in World or Spawned. I’d like to see if this solves your issue.

Thank you again for getting back to me Sean.

I tried that but didnt not work either, then AI stopped working in PIE. So I created a very simple new AI Character to see what happened, that one was not working either; turns out the Nav Mesh had stopped working! I removed it added a new one, all AI (old and new) worked in PIE!

I ‘Launched the Game on Android Device’… No AI movement!
Run in PIE … No AI movement!
Checked Nav Mesh… broken again!

So Launching game on my phone is ‘braking’ the Nav Mesh. Is this a known issue? I have had a quick check (Google Search) and didnt find anything.

Just so you Know I have edited DefaultEditor.ini to include:

This was a fix I found that would allow loading levels when deploying to Android Devices, as that was not working before.

Thank you for your time

Got it all working…
-I removed the lines from the DefaultEditor.ini file that I added
-Deleted the ATC Package
-Rebuilt the ATC Package
-Deployed to phone on TestMaps only - Worked!

-Added the lines back into the DefaultEditor.ini file
-Deleted the ATC Package
-Rebuilt the ATC Package
-Deployed to phone to MainMenuMap

All working, loads TestMaps from title menu. and AI it working correctly!

Could it have been something to do with the existing ATC package?
Something not cooked correctly or corrupt?

Anyway all is working now, hope this post helps anyone else.

Thanks again for your time


I’m having exactly the same issue.
When i load a level with the Open Level Node the AI don’t do anything and your fix don’t work for me… any help, please?

Yeah I still had problems… What I do now is package the project and install on the phone from the batch file…

To package go to File → Package → Android → and the format you want to package the project. Pick a file location and allow it to finish…

Then go to that folder in file explorer and run the ‘development’ batch file (not the ‘without OBB’ file) that will then install the game as it would do from playstore etc. Works every time.

It’s a pain as ya can’t run direct from the editor on your phone but don’t take too long. Just check before packaging that the nav mesh still works and is complied properly

Yes, already noticed this… But is a waste of time doing the package process every time we need to test… I hope this will be fixed soon.

Thanks for your reply!

Hey there,Try this :

Go to Edit → Project Settings →

Navigation Mesh →

Runtime Generation from Static to → Dynamic
(I just know the problem in UE5, hope it works)
You are welcome. :slight_smile: