AI not working indoor?

I just scratched my head that AI do not working at all while it is indoor, compare to open space where AI working very well.

There isnt alot of information that your giving that will help us help you determine the cause of any problem that may be occurring.

Can you give example screenshots or a video as to what is happening that you deem to not be ideal behavior?

Make sure that your Navmesh is propagating correctly into interior geometry would be my first point to check.

Just update unreal and now it is 50/50 chance to working…

Possibly bug?

While outside in open space, the AI able to follow waypoint and follow target for player in line of sight…

While indoor with lots of rooms and hallway, it is 50/50 chance to follow target for player… But unable to follow waypoint.

My waypoint spawn from security camera which are working just fine but act weird as it is double floor and security camera able to see through single floor upward… Possibly too close and have to use steaming level instead of double floor in single level?

Waypoint = pawn that give away location for AI Behaviour Tree…

WaypointLocation = AI use Move to from behaviour tree instead of in blueprint.

ArgoCheck = from Unreal 4 tutorial which working with just 50/50 chance…

Error message pop up as line trace vector error… Unsure if it is from AI or Security cameras?

For now I really want to fix the waypoint because AI just won’t go to waypoint location at all. Maybe need fix Waypoint Check instead of use both Waypoint Check and ArgoCheck at same time.
I don’t know how to do that for my waypoint check service blueprint-

If there are no waypoint in game level = go to ArgoCheck service blueprint.

If there are Waypoint in game = disable ArgoCheck and active move to. Once arrive location active ArgoCheck… Wait for limit time then go back home Location…

If you need a screen shot I can add screenshot on your request.

Mind my English. It is not my mother language…