AI not working in packaged build (Help Required)

Hi there, I am relatively new to Unreal Engine and am studying game design at college. For my final project this year we were tasked with creating a game. The deadline is in a weeks time, and I finished everything earlier this week and packaged the game. However I have noticed that in the packaged version the AI does not behave like it does in the editor. The AI is to chase the player through the level, and when playing in the editor it works perfectly, he can pass through door ways, navigate through the environment and avoid obstacles, but in the packaged game, it is as if he loses the ability to properly navigate. He walks into walls, gets stuck repeatedly walking into assets and can’t seem to get through doorways without getting stuck. The AI itself is very basic and does not make use of any behaviour trees. It essentially boils down to using pawn sensing and AiMoveTo. I have no idea what could be the cause of this and massively appreciate any help.

Thank you so much in advance!