Ai not walking in 3D

I have been using Unreal engine for about a year now, but for some reason my AI don’t seem to understand 3D space. For example, if i walk to an upstairs part of the house, they will walk to the same spot on a lower story.

Does anybody have any help on fixing this? I tried using a plugin for flying AI to fix this, but it didn’t work with walking AI.

Make sure your Navmesh volume is tall enough to cover all your upstairs. Then test the movement by using the AI Move To command and point to a test actor upstairs. It should find the route upstairs. Make sure you use ramps the NPC can walk on (not too steep).

Hope this helps!

Thank you! this helped a massive lot! is there some sort of way to increase the max gradient for the ai? so they can walk up steeper slopes?