AI Not taking damage


So I basically set up the damage system in my game. When a AI is spawned I do few custom events (1. Run on server, and then multicast, so the hp is sent do every client).

AI to Player:
When the AI raycasts the player (and hits it, green), it takes damage. Eventually the player dies. So…

I copied the same code to the player, but changed the Cast to well, the AI blueprint.
The thing is, when I applyDamage it “does” the damage, since a print tells me the damage is “3”
When I go to the AI blueprint, and right after the “Event Any Damage” put a print, it just doesnt shows up! like the damage is never received on the server/blueprint…

Before all this, I did it without replication (and it worked, but well, I need multiplayer) and the AI would die. The function Event Any Damage is just not triggering in the AI blueprint.

Any ideas what could be happening? The AI is set to replicate, and the health variables as well (a text on the top of the AI tells me its HP and I can see it on both clients)…


So actually I switched from [x] Dedicated Server, to 2 client (one client combined with server) and the AI is actually dieing in the server…

My new issue is that the CLIENT hits the AI but the AI (serverside) does not get damaged… on the other hand if I hit it with the client/server combined it dies!

Any ideas/thoughts?