AI Not Rotating/Snapping Back

Hey, i’m trying to rotate an AI to face the player through the Behaviour Tree. I started with the build in “Rotate to Face BBEntry” but eventually just ended up writing my own task so I could interp the rotation per tick and therefore use the individual ships rotation speed. I copied and pasted the original working rotation blueprint I used before I learnt about Behaviour Trees however in the BT it isn’t working. No matter what I do the AI twitches. It looks like it’s setting the rotation and then 1 tick later, going back to it’s original rotation so flicking back at forth rapidly. However there is no variable saving the original rotation because each tick, it looks at the current position of the Player vs AI Pawn and sets the desired angle accordingly. To note, the Rotate to Face BBEntry did the same thing.

My AI is a pawn not a character, not sure if that matters.

Ignore the break in reroutes in the picture; I just forgot to reconnect before I screenshotted.

I’m an idiot. I spent days on this issue. Turns out I at some point locked the rotation of the pawn in it’s root. No wonder I couldn’t find anyone with the same issue; no one is that dumb.