AI not patrolling in shipping

hi, i made a simple AI, that walks around between points (tryed both target points and cubes), follows the player and attacks, it works 100% in playtesting but when i package the project they stop patrolling, they follow the player around and attack but no patrolling and returning to patrol, can someone help?

I found a solution a on answerhub. Can you try this?

i tryed changing those options a while ago, it didnt work, the enemies dont just sit still, they just dont patroll, they do follow the player, as if the patrol points i set get lost in the packaging

Have you tried resetting all the settings to default and see if it runs then?
Also, what version of UE are you using?

my settings are on default, im using UE 4.20.3, i dont think its a settings issue, i think its in the blackboard or BPs